Assisting In The Road to Recovery

Livingston, NJ


Depression Therapist in Livingston, NJ

Jill Rosen, LCSW wants you to be able to live a life without unnecessary stress and worry because these feelings can affect your ability to carry on with daily activities. We offer the services of a depression therapist to help our clients achieve that goal. We've worked hard to create a warm and welcoming space here in Livingston, NJ, that makes our clients feel as comfortable as possible, so we hope you'll be at ease when sharing your feelings and talking about the challenges in your life.

A Source of Guidance

We support our clients as they try to address their illness, and we ask questions that provoke critical thought and reflection. We handle all sensitive matters with discretion and can provide advice about possible options to pursue.

Contact Jill Rosen, LCSW to learn more about our services as a depression therapist. Our goal is to help people in Livingston improve their outlooks on life and improve their overall well-being.