Assisting In The Road to Recovery

Livingston, NJ


Therapy in Livingston, NJ

Therapy may help you make it through difficult situations whether they are completely unexpected or have been building up over time. If you live in Livingston, NJ, and need assistance, Jill Rosen, LCSW is ready to come to your aid and work with you. Clients' needs are the first priority, so we'll help you each step of the way as you work through your problems.

Professional Service

Our therapist is a licensed and certified social worker with extensive training. Everyone at the office tries to learn as much as they can about the evidence that supports different approaches to therapy, and we're happy to share that information with our clients if they're interested.

Jill Rosen, LCSW is available to help you if you think you might benefit from receiving therapy. We try to make our sessions as interactive as possible to put our clients in Livingston on the path of coming toward resolutions more efficiently. Call us today to schedule an appointment.